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The Chill Is In The Air


It is that season again. We have some great fall looks for you to try this season. Everybody should have at least one plaid and one floral in their closest. This is the trend of the fall.   In addition our layering pieces are still HOT. The fitted layering dresses sleeved and sleeveless are great under a sweater, poncho or a simple button up. The layering pieces come with and without a lace bottom. They look great and keep you warm.  

Due to popular demand and requests we brought back infinity scarves and floppy hats.  In addition we have a great knitted, thin scarf and finger-less gloves. All of these items cost between $10-$20 and make wonderful holiday gifts. Make your list and start your holiday shopping!   



Who wants to deal with their hair at a tailgate, soccer game, baseball game,basketball game, football game, cheer event and most of all at the river or the beach?  I don't!  These caps will capture everybody's attention.  "Beach Please" is how I feel right about now.  "Beach Hair Don't Care" and "River Hair Don't Care" [...]

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It is hard to get excited about spring clothes when there's 2 feet of snow on the ground; however, I want to give you an idea of what is ahead.  The birds will be chirping in no time.  The spring color is mauve.  Everyone was showcasing this color at the show.  You will see many [...]

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Everyone needs a last minute gift.  Ordering and receiving these gift certificates is SIMPLE.  The gift certificates are located on the top left corner of my website. All you do is put in the dollar amount and an email address.  If you send it to yourself you can print it out and give it to [...]

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Let's do something different this holiday season. I always get gifts that I don't use or I don't like. Instead, let's tell everyone to go onto the website and purchase a gift certificate for you for the holidays. It is on the top left corner and simple to navigate. If they don't want the email [...]

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Each week I will put up as many outfits from top to bottom together for everyone. Consider this personal shopping without a fee.I wanted these outfits on my website but since I am a one person business I have realized that this will be easier and faster.  I hope this helps you pick out what [...]

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      Let's swing into the fall with free shipping for orders over $50 starting TODAY. We are very excited about our fall line.  It is gorgeous, affordable and selling fast. Please share this exciting shipping news with your family and friends. We just passed our 6 month mark for the website and things are steadily [...]

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Who is ready for fall leaves, hoodies and boot socks? I am. Let's roll out our summer clothes giving you 30% off everything in this category on the website. Don't miss out on this amazing end of the season sale. Please share with family and friends. Here are a few sneak peeks [...]

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HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATES...  GIFT CERTIFICATES....GIFT CERTIFICATES...Let's take pressure off your loved ones and ask for a GIFT CERTIFICATE TO TREND A BOUTIQUE.It is simple, just click the gift certificate link below or go to the home page of my website and click on the word GIFT CERTIFICATE on the top left hand corner of the [...]

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Everyone is looking for that one pair of jeans that they can not take off.  This is IT!  They are affordable and comfortable and have just enough stretch in them. Everyone that has tried them on leaves with them. They are $50 and look great. The best part is that they can be worn all [...]

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